Scancapture says 'yes' to better customer surveys

Survey and data collection specialists Scancapture has launched a new way for businesses to measure how they can improve their customers' experience.

The Your Existing Survey or YES assessment is designed to analyse current survey collection techniques and make recommendations on how organisations can tailor surveys to match their customer’s needs and concerns.

As well as document scanning and employee engagement survey services, YES will form part of Scancapture’s revamped Customer Relationship Survey (CRS) package.

Managing director Steve Smith believes YES will prove invaluable for any business wishing to use feedback as a business development tool: "Most organisations care about what customers think but questions are often overly generic and the customer doesn't have chance to tell them anything they didn't know already. The YES assessment analyses previous responses and identifies how to get more useful information from the customer.”

The main function of YES is to provide organisations with a blueprint for how they can turn one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers. Evaluating survey techniques and critically assessing metrics from customer responses, the assessment will identify ways to improve the customer journey, establish what actions yield the best ROI and help organisations harness new technologies to better engage with clients.

Scancapture have worked with household names such as Bensons for Beds, Haven Holidays and The John Lewis partnership. With over 11 years of devising and delivering customer surveys, YES is expected to become the blueprint for how companies engage with their customers.

This unique approach to surveys gave Blackburn manufacturer Verifyne Plastics a deeper insight into the customer experience that had been lacking.

Managing director Alan Holderness said: “The survey methods gained an almost 100% response rate where previous in-house surveys received little to no response. Scancapture designed questions tailored to achieve a better understanding of what we were doing right and where we needed to improve.”

Having been recognised by the government’s Engage for Success initiative as an employee engagement guru, Smith hopes he can also become a thought leader for improving customer relationships: “Since the advent of social media, customer serving businesses can’t afford to ignore their customers and the expectation to respond across platforms such as twitter is increasing every day. YES helps businesses understand how best to communicate and learn from customers.”