Scaling versus growing: What's the difference?

While increasing your revenue is a great indicator of growth, it’s inevitable that your costs will go up too.

You can’t grow without something changing, be that the premises you currently occupy, number and skill set of employees or systems and technology you use to operate.

This is where the difference between growing and scaling a business becomes clear.

Growth focuses on increasing revenue with the current business model. Scaling focuses on increasing revenue whilst adapting the business model to maximise profit.

Crucially, a business that is scaling is successful because the model can be sustained and profit can be maximised.

Sure, you can grow a business successfully by increasing what you put in and what you get out. But if you don’t take on a mind-set that says the model has to be both sustainable and profitable, you will never scale and achieve your ambition.

You can’t grow without something changing

This is where Two Zero comes in. Launched in January 2020 and funded by Lancashire County Council, this programme helps ambitious leaders to build a business which is productive, efficient and profitable.

Two Zero has successfully launched three funded pilot programmes; Food & Drink, Female and Social Enterprise Scale Up. Due to wider demand and traction in the market we are now set to launch our fourth strand: Two Zero Elite Performance in collaboration with Cube Thinking.

It is a compelling and dynamic programme (regardless of industry or sector) to challenge scaling businesses further through peer to peer networks, empowering action learning sets and masterclasses along with one-to-one strategic coaching all using world class benchmarks and standards with a proven track record of delivering sustainable and measurable impact.

Watch this space…