Scale-Ability team grows with a new coach and mentor

Paul Aisthorpe, director and co-founder of Scale-Ability, recently welcomed Lorraine Birch as the latest member in the growing team.

As the company expands, associate business coach and mentor Lorraine will support local organisations in achieving real and meaningful results in an affordable way that adds value to the future of their business.

Lorraine commented: “I am an experienced business owner, having started, owned and run a successful company for 18 years until final sale. I am now using this broad experience – some good, some bad – to coach/mentor in the Lancashire area, providing support for aspirational leaders of small to medium organisations.

"Having sold my company in 2014, I wanted to share my experience - the joys and the horrors - of starting a business and the challenges of growth and developing sustainability. I understand these challenges, I understand the journey, and I understand that you quickly have to become an ‘expert’ in every aspect of your organisation.

"I offer impactful no-nonsense support to those in a similar situation and I am driven by seeing others succeed and achieving their goal.”

Paul added: “When I began working as a business coach and mentor in Lancashire in 2014, I wanted to help local and regional business owners and their teams to take hard decisions and to feel sufficiently in control of their company to see a clear future and logical workable growth strategies. That commitment and the demand for Scale-Ability’s services has become even stronger since the coronavirus pandemic began and as we continue to face heightened uncertainty and critical challenges.

"I am delighted to welcome Lorraine to our expanding team of associates. Adding to our team, who not only have the right skills and experience of success, failure and crisis but who all share the same strong values, enables us to deliver a human, client-led, collaborative service with strong outcomes for even more businesses of all sizes across all sectors.”

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