Save and earn by going green

Large organisations will be aware of the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) where they have to purchase carbon allowances to cover energy usage for each scheme year. Quite simply, those organisations that are energy inefficient will effectively be penalised whilst those that are energy efficient will be able to trade unused allowances.

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme may seem complex, yet many believe similar schemes will be brought in for all businesses in the future. Our advice is rather than make changes because you have to, make them because you want to, it will save you money and could even make you money.

One of the simpler schemes is the Feed in Tariff, a 25 year index linked incentive scheme that pays an inflated price for energy created from a renewable source, whilst your bills are reduced through using the same energy. A solar system consisting of 200 panels would generate over 40,000kWh and could reduce energy costs in excess of £140,000 and create an income in excess of £200,000.

Government proposes to reduce these incentives, so with costs to install at an all-time low and incentives still very attractive this should be the time to act. Whilst planning is normally required for a commercial property the process is straightforward and we normally complete on the client’s behalf.

Mat Pickup