Roaming Roosters tops taste tests

A local butcher surprised shoppers with a blind taste test at Boundary Mill Store - and came out on top against some big brand bangers.

Playing its part in National Butchers Week, sustainable foodies Roaming Roosters were flying the flag for local, traditional butchery methods with their pop up shop at Boundary Mill Stores in Colne.

Shoppers had the chance to take part in a blind taste testing activity, where the company’s grass fed, gluten-free sausages were pitched against a popular supermarket brand. A butcher was also on hand to answer any meat related questions that customers may have.

Paul White, business development manager, said: “We were delighted to celebrate National Butchers Week alongside Boundary Mill. The week provides a great opportunity to educate people on the importance and benefits of shopping with a local butcher rather than a supermarket.

“The sausage taste testing proved hugely popular with shoppers, and there was an overwhelming response in our favour when we asked people which they preferred.

“99 per cent of shoppers voted for our sausages, and thought it was obvious from the taste and texture which was the better quality.

“Our sausages contain at least 72 per cent meat, whereas the brand we pitched against contained only 42 per cent. A sausage only has to contain 42 per cent meat to be called a sausage, which leads us to the worrying question; what is the other 58 per cent made up of?”

Many people do a weekly shop without speaking to anyone about their purchases; Roaming Roosters are keen to engage with their customers, ask them questions and invite them to do the same. National Butchers Week provided a great platform to express their views, give potential customers a taster of what they offer, but most importantly, educate them on the benefits of shopping with a butcher.