Roaming Roosters spearheads development of hybrid animal

For those that can’t make their mind up between a roast beef or roast pork dinner, moves are afoot to make that Sunday treat dilemma a thing of the past.

POWSustainable food company Roaming Roosters has been working behind the scenes with scientists to create a new hybrid animal that is sure to shock as well as delight the taste buds of meat lovers UK wide.

The POW will combine the succulent taste of beef and pork with the added attraction of crackling not usually associated with the sirloin or fillet steak.

Farmer Geoff Mellin has been in the farming and butchery industry all his life and admits that he is still finding this concept difficult to get his head round.

“I’ve been rearing cows and pigs for decades, and I’m stunned as to how this is possible,” said Geoff.

“But now I’ve seen it with my own eyes I know they’ll love it when they get used to the idea. From a farming point of view, the POW is easier to rear and seems to have taken on the placid nature of both beasts.

“As you can imagine, there are so many possibilities of cuts from this animal, so not only does it offer a unique flavour it offers a wide variety of meal options and prices.”

The very first POW is set to be unveiled today (April 1st) at 12 noon to farming correspondents and a selection of food critics at Roaming Roosters in Barrowford Road, Higham, Lancashire.

Prof. Al Oil explained: “People scoffed at the thought of Dolly the sheep clone and didn’t think it possible, but it was.

“Given Roaming Roosters’ sustainable ethics, we’ve taken a fresh approach that is more akin to natural breeding methods rather than the more clinical, scientific approach.

“This is a giant step forward for the farming industry and while it may take consumers a while to get their heads around this new breed, we’re certain, that diners will be feasting on the POW nationwide for years to come.” To get a sneak preview of the POW, visit the Roaming Roosters website and use secret code: OLAF RIPLO.