Roaming Roosters gives business lessons to young farmers

A company renowned for its sustainable farming methods played host to a group of young sheep farmers in a bid to educate them about branding and business.

Roaming Roosters, based in Higham, welcomed the National Sheep Association (NSA) to advise members how they can turn their passion for farming into a business idea, with a good brand to support it.

“We were really pleased when the NSA approached us about working together and visiting our site” said Paul White, business development manager.

“Our brand has gone from strength to strength since opening, so it’s great to share our knowledge with aspiring youngsters, and help them to recognise the importance of branding and how adding value impacts their business.”

The National Sheep Association is a membership organisation for sheep farmers across the UK, giving them a voice in the industry, making sure they are well represented and providing them with the best practice technical information.

Joanne Briggs, communications manager at the NSA, said: “We invite young farmers to apply to be an NSA Next Generation Ambassador each year, and selected 11 people for 2015 after a vigorous selection process. We look for progressive producers who are open to new ideas to help develop their business, as well as individuals who will be spokespeople for the sheep sector in the future.”

“The visit to Roaming Roosters was our third session out of five in total this year. These sessions include specific training and visits to businesses to grasp what others are doing, learn valuable lessons and then apply the skills and knowledge learned to their own business.” “The trip was a huge success and we’d like to thank Roaming Roosters for their time and support; it was great to understand their brand and what they do on a daily basis to add value to lamb and other food products.”