Rise in Lancashire businesses boosting building security

Over the past year, the number of people searching for ways to improve their business’s building security has increased, according to recent figures.

Lustalux, a Preston-based window and safety film specialist, has experienced a huge surge in traffic levels to its Bomb Blast and Mitigation Safety Window Film, which is regularly used within the government, defence and petrochemical sectors.

Interest has been slowly climbing for the past year, and in the past 3 months alone Lustalux have seen a 237% increase in people looking into safety film products for their business premises.

Richard Lancaster, director of Lustalux, said: “Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Lustalux and we believe prevention is key. Unfortunately it often takes a disaster to strike before moves are taken to implement preventative measures but when something so simple as applying window film can keep your premises, your business and your staff safe, it makes sense to take action, rather than reaction!”

Interestingly, the latest crime stats from Lancashire Constabulary reveal that the number of Criminal Damage and Arson incidents has experienced peaks and troughs over the year, and has increased over the last three months.

At the start of 2014 the number of incidents reported was at an all time low of 1,226 but this has climbed to 1,373 by October 2014.

For Preston City Centre, the figures have remained static over the past year. There were 162 criminal damage and arson incidents from November 2013- October 2014.

However of course it’s not just arson and criminal damage that you need to protect a premises from, industrial explosions and accidents are more common that most people might think, even in seemingly safe working environments. For example there are 2 dust explosions a week in factories in Europe, up to 50% of which are in the food industry.

So why the sudden increase in boosting business’s building premises?

Richard Lancaster added: “Lustalux has helped hundreds of businesses, like Stanlow Oil Refinery in Cheshire, to boost the safety of the buildings as our range of high specification multi-laminate security window films can help to eliminate much of the devastating effects of a bomb blast or industrial explosion by making glass highly shatter resistant.

“The damage caused by an explosion can spread far beyond the immediate site, and far beyond the cost of the glass itself. Depending on whether the explosion comes from inside or out, it can ruin entire premises, businesses and in the worst case scenario, lives."

Anti-blast films are made up of a thicker polyester than standard safety films and have a much more aggressive adhesive system. These films can be combined with an edge retention system which attaches the film to the window frame for added protection, and they’re also available in solar/security combinations to offer the added benefits of solar protection and/or visual privacy.