Remsol bolsters shale gas offering with new partnership

Waste and environmental management specialist Remsol has joined forces with Ground Gas Solutions to offer market-leading protection services to the shale gas sector.

RemsolThe two North West companies will jointly market a selection of environmental monitoring and risk mitigation services, focusing primarily on the burgeoning sector, but also servicing a diverse range of additional sectors such as landfill, energy-from-waste and chemicals.

It is the first of a number of similar cooperation agreements which Remsol is hopeful of completing in 2014.

Remsol has a strong pedigree within the shale gas arena. The Preston company has worked closely with Cuadrilla Resources in Lancashire for the last two years, while managing director Lee Petts provided written evidence and answered questions at the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee: Inquiry into The Economic Impact on UK Energy Policy of Shale Gas and Oil. He has also presented to the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management on the topic in London, and informed their report on shale gas and water.

Manchester-based Ground-Gas Solutions is an environmental consultancy specialising in continuous ground-gas data capture, analysis and interpretation to inform risk assessment and remedial design that has also worked with Cuadrilla Resources.

The two firms have worked together in the past, and have now formalised their relationship to ensure that they are best placed to respond to and take advantage of the supply chain opportunities that a developing shale gas industry presents.

Lee Petts said: "This is an exciting time for Britain as shale gas is on the cusp of becoming a reality. We are very excited to be in a fantastic position to help service this new market."

Simon Talbot, managing director at Ground Gas Solutions added: "This partnering shows that there is a well developed SME supply chain in place to support shale gas development and that companies like Remsol and GGS are at the forefront of this." A recent report produced by Ernst & Young for the UK Onshore Operators Group, UKOOG, suggests that a UK shale gas supply chain could be worth as much as £33 billion and be responsible for over 60,000 jobs at peak.