Remote working and isolation with Britain's first astronaut

Helen Sharman OBE joins the podcast to help us navigate the challenges of remote working – a rising trend in the workplace and one that can come with the issue of isolation...and you can’t get more remote or isolated than space! We also explore Helen's incredible journey and achievement back in 1991.
Can you imagine the responses you would have received from your loved ones or your colleagues if you told them you were applying to join a team of Russian Cosmonauts to work on MIR Space Station!? She pursued this dream which is a huge testament to Helen’s character – she is a truly inspirational leader that the United Kingdom should be so proud of – it was a pleasure to keep this story alive, and I hope you feel the same way too.
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"When you look back on earth from Space you don't think of the things you own, you think of those human relationships...the people you know and love on earth. I hope this isolation experience will make us realise what actually is important"

Podcast Topics:

  • Time and space to reflect during the Lock-Down
  • Astronaut Wanted, No Experience Necessary
  • The Pursuit of a Dream
  • The Journey VS the Destination
  • The 1st British Astronaut - was diversity and equality even an issue?
  • Working in the MIR Space Station...the importance of connectivity
  • Delegation in Space - Right First Time?
  • Working Across Cultures - "From Russia with Love"**
  • Personality traits for a very long journey...far far away? 
  • Management of emotions during space flight
  • Conflict Management: Cramped conditions, close proximity & unable to go outside....sound familiar?
  • Keeping the team engaged & mission alignment
  • Space Tourism - key considerations for the environment
  • A values driven decision that could have changed everything
  • Working with Imperial College & Helen's next Steps

Podcast Notes:

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