Reflecting on my first month as a Covid 19 start up

Well it’s been an interesting couple of months if I’m honest: from the initial idea, market research, to buying all the things I need to do the job as efficiently and professionally as I could, and then taking the plunge to actually set off it’s certainly been fun.

Ok bit of background, this time last year my full time job was singing and entertaining at weddings, that's been my career for 20 years and one I will continue to enjoy; a year on and I'm a start-up Pallet Collection service?! 

The pallet business idea was conceived in June 2020 after seeing my wedding diary slowly whittle away due to COVID.

I had to do something positive and productive, and QUICK Capitalising on some experience gained with my dad in the pallet industry decided to give it a go.

SO Whats my new offering? It’s simple I buy and collect pallets from companies, used and broken ones then sell on. Taking the disposal problem away from clients and disposing in a professional and legal manner.

I wanted to be different. It’s important for me to build relationships with companies and for them to know that when I’m on site I’m always professional, prompt and polite, I just like to do things properly.

Has it been easy up to now NO!!!!  there are challenges every day including:

  • Finding new Clients
  • Building the relationships

BUT I'm enjoying it

Bring on Month 2!