Recruitment on the up

Michelle Cryer, managing director of Midas Recruitment, quizzed the business of Lancashire about their outlook for 2013. Here she shares the results.

Michelle Cryer MiadsA recent salary survey of local businesses has revealed interesting statistics so far. Human Resource professionals across the Lancashire region see a number of challenges ahead for recruiting the best talent in the forthcoming year – the biggest being a shortage of quality candidates.

1. What challenges do you expect to see in 2013 recruiting talent for your business?                       

31%  Shortage of quality candidates                                 14%  Competition from competitors                                  22%  Counter-offers to remain in current role                                              10%  Shortage of your time available                                 23%  Restriction with package you are able to offer             

2. How do you expect employee numbers to change in 2013?                       

35%  No change                                   35%  Increase                                     30%  Decrease           

What is interesting reading is that 35% of companies surveyed have plans to increase their headcount in 2013.

3.  What is most important when you recruit?                       

33%  Fit for the business                                               0%    Technical skills                             67%  Both important as each other          

Although a third confirmed that fit for the business is most important when recruiting, 67% stated that fit for the business was equally as important as technical ability.

4.  How do you normally recruit?                       

4%    Local paper                                  26%  Own website                                52%  Recruitment Agency                                              18%  Job Centre         

Surprisingly the majority of businesses still use a Recruitment Agency for their recruitment with 52% confirmed. The Job Centre still plays an important part in Lancashire recruitment.

5.  What is the most effective retention strategy for your business?                       

22%   Salary                                       17%  Benefit package                            48%  Promotion and career development                            4%    Flexible working                            9%    Other                

Businesses recognise that in order to retain good employees they need to ensure that they have a clear path for career development and promotion with a 48% response rate.

6.  What remuneration changes do you foresee in 2013?                       

52%  Increase                                     4%    Decrease                                    26%  Improved benefits                         18%  No change          

What is pleasing to see is that 52% of businesses foresee an increase in remuneration for staff in 2013 which will certainly assist in staff retention in the long term.

If you would like to participate in the salary survey please go to detailed free copy of the salary survey report, highlighting also salaries in human resources, purchasing, supply chain, logistics, engineering and office will be available in 2013. If you would like a copy, please contact Michelle Cryer on 01772 821766 or email