Recruiting and retaining the best talent

We live in an area where we have a Top 20 University and huge investment for regeneration, but we constantly hear from SMEs who struggle to attract professional staff and equally difficult to retain them.

So here are our top tips for attracting talent:

  • Check your remuneration package is competitive in a market and location where talent isn’t in abundance
  • Offer genuine flexible working. This will also enable people who live a bit further away to apply for the roles, if they don’t need to commute daily
  • Offer a profit-sharing programme and enriched career development
  • Make it known you’re a good employer, the awards you’ve won, staff retention, promotions and development programmes
  • Use social media effectively as any potential employee will be checking all avenues of social media (as the employer will be also)
  • Run an effective and impressive interview

How to retain those successful candidates:

  • Empower Your Team, believe and trust them, give them autonomy, don’t micro-manage
  • Review your salary benchmarks, check your industry salary guides to see what competitors are paying to ensure you don’t lose staff to better paying positions
Statistically, more people leave companies due to the culture and its people rather than the job itself
  • Effective and transparent communication is essential, giving and receiving feedback from your team members regularly is critical
  • Create a positive workplace culture. Statistically more people leave companies due to the culture and its people rather than the job itself

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