Rebuilding the future

We have been living in unprecedented times and undoubtedly, our focus has been on the here and now. While we have reacted to ensure the safety of our employees and the wider communities, it is important we continue to plan for the long-term as we look to rebuild the future.

The current climate has created a moment of pause for business leaders around the world, providing a unique opportunity for us to appraise our respective organisations to identify previously overlooked skills gaps. For many businesses, these skills gaps have been magnified as we have responded to Covid-19. Similarly, Covid-19 has been a test of versatility for employees at all levels of an organisation.

A business that has continually upskilled its workforce will have reaped the rewards of adaptable managers who have been quick to mitigate the barriers of lockdown.

Conversely, businesses that have neglected this have been playing catch-up, with high numbers of unskilled workers entering the uncharted waters of remote working at the expense of output and productivity

The benefits of addressing skills gaps cannot be underestimated.

By addressing the training needs of your employees, you can support the resilience of your business through the development of a skilled workforce.

This could be an opportune time to stand back and truly identify the needs of your business going forward – which could then inform more robust training and hiring programmes.

A business that has continually upskilled its workforce will have reaped the rewards

Blackburn College supports leaders across a range of sectors to recruit, train and grow their respective businesses. They offer an impressive suite of professional qualifications to upskill existing workforces, while providing a bespoke recruitment and vacancy matching service for managers looking to hire apprentices.

Professional qualifications offered by Blackburn College include CIPS, CIPD and ILM and Apprenticeships cover Intermediate Level 2 to Degree Level 6, with unique delivery options to suit the individual needs of a business.

  • If you want support with a skills audit of your business, please get in touch with Claire Shore – Senior Business Development Manager at Blackburn College at Claire and her team are waiting to support you, no matter your goals or objectives.
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