Quadra Solutions drives ahead with ambitious plans for growth

Accrington-based printed circuit board design and software company Quadra Solutions is pursuing ambitious plans for growth in 2015 and the first step of this has been to train an additional five members of staff to IPC Certified Interconnect Designer standard.

The course, completed at Quadra’s dedicated training facility in Lancashire, highlights the company’s commitment to high quality and effective electronic design and professional development of staff. The electronics industry accredited course provides PCB designers with the underlying principles of electronic design and creates a greater understanding of assembly processes, placement, manufacture and inspection.

The three day course enhances and assesses the technical knowledge required to transform an electrical circuit description into a PCB design that can be easily manufactured, assembled and tested. Quadra PCB Design Engineers, Marc England, Bob Sadowski, Keith Watkins, Alistair Johnson and Gill Green, were all successful in the completion of the course and are now applying the skills and knowledge gained to live projects.

PCB design engineer Gill Green said: “For companies looking to outsource design work, having your designs completed by someone with CID accreditation assures the competence and capability of the designer and ultimately that the design work completed is of the highest quality.”

Quadra Solutions houses one of the largest Printed Circuit Board design bureaus in the UK supporting local, national and international companies with a vast range of PCB design services. The intensive CID programme which demonstrates a real commitment to excellence is run by the IPC, the global trade association for PCB design professionals. Keith Watkins, design DDirector at Quadra Solutions added: “The investment in our staff is a vital part of our plans for growth and not only will it support us with our business objectives, will also ensure that the service we provide to our customers is of high quality and right first time. It is essential that customers know that their designs are in safe hands and they can rest assured that the engineers laying out their PCBs are experts in their field.”