Putting your people first

The UK’s post-pandemic comeback has meant that the employment rate is at its highest ever.

This competitive market is leading to over-inflated salaries in a bid to outcompete other businesses for the same talent.

This tactic may be providing short-term relief but is wholly unsustainable.

There’s no denying that everyone’s biggest challenge right now is people but whilst everyone is struggling to recruit, the key is to focus on retention.

Forty-one per cent of people are considering leaving their role due to lack of belonging and not feeling valued, suggesting that staff are prioritising more than just salary.

My advice to any business owner would be to really understand your people, what motivates them, their purpose and their overall connection to the business in order to prioritise their needs.

As the market continues to drive salaries up and attrition rates are at an all-time high, it’s essential to shift focus to maintain a happy and content workforce.

A personalised employee experience is essential and provides the opportunity for an employer to truly cater to an individual’s motivations and improve engagement.

If you can get this right, you will undoubtedly avoid the struggle that comes with finding the right talent for your business.

I’m starting to see a significant divide between the innovative, forward-thinking businesses that have really put their people first and those that are stuck with traditional and outdated employee offerings.

Essentially, if you’re not willing to adapt and keep up with the needs of your people then you will lose access to the best possible talent.