Pure AV creates new studio for interactive broadcaster Learn Live

Lancashire based Learn Live, works with companies like The BBC, Balfour Beatty, Network Rail, Health Education England and the NHS to deliver careers advice, recruitment opportunities and health awareness broadcasts into schools and colleges across the UK.

Since 2015, their live broadcasts have reached over 400,000 young people in schools, colleges and other educational institutions and the company has seen over 2,000 schools and colleges engage with their on-demand video content and live interactive chat services.

A recent investment in new studio facilities has helped Learn Live to expand and develop the range of services available to their clients.

Traditionally, the process of creating a broadcast has been managed by Learn Live in a virtual environment; with PCs and iPads used as the method to record and produce the transmission. Following the introduction of the new facility, they can now offer clients a professional studio environment in which to create their recordings.

The facilities provided by Pure AV utilise a high-quality camera to ensure a professional standard of content capture and the addition of a grey screen curtain against the back wall creates a blank canvas that enables Learn Live to create a bespoke digital background to suit the needs of their client. A feature appreciated by Learn Live managing director Stuart.

“The grey screen means we can put any display behind the presenter. Our clients can bring their brands to life and show people what their work environment looks like without having to actually be there."
The placement of two large format displays in the open office area next to the studio, enables visitors to watch the recording as it happens and creates a presentation area for use during events. An application that came into its own at the launch of the studio, when the large screens were used to allow guests to engage with the recording process and offered a fantastic area to showcase the Learn Live solutions.

Learn Live are delighted with the new facilities. They have been able to add a new dimension to their service offering and create a space that highlights the quality and professionalism of their organisation. Stuart Heaton, confirmed  “The new equipment supports us in creating a real experience for the client when they visit Learn Live. It makes a statement, and says to those businesses, here is a professional environment for you to bring your brand to and take your message out into the community. "The team at Pure AV have been really helpful, working with them, its not just about the technology but more about looking at the bigger picture. They understood what we wanted to do and put together a solution to help us achieve it. I would highly recommend Pure AV, for both the experience they bring and the ability to understand and create a solution to meet your needs."