Preston scientist launches ethical hair growth formula

A Preston scientist has launched a new hair growth supplement that promises to be kind to the environment.

Emma ProcterMy Hair Secret founder Emma Procter says the product has been formulated to help people maintain healthy hair growth, while remaining free from animal products.

Emma said: "During our research, it truly shocked me to see that there so many products out there containing marine animals for collagen, some of which include ingredients such as shark cartilage.

"It became very important to me to find ingredients that worked just as well, if not better, in order to give the public an effective, cruelty free alternative."

The formula for Hair Growth Formula PLUS+, which contains the scientists’ own unique blend called Lustalox, is free from gluten, dairy and animals, is suitable for vegans and is drug-free.


Emma added:  “I understand the issues people face where hair thinning is concerned. There are many reasons why a person can suffer from thin, weak hair or hair loss. It can be due to stress, medication, illness, genetics or a variety of other reasons. I myself have suffered from hair thinning due to an ongoing medical condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome; this is what initially motivated me to produce the formula. "The formula we have produced at My Hair Secret contains a perfected blend of ingredients reported to help protect hair follicles against this hormone damage, stimulate the growth and add essential nutrients to help maintain healthy, thick hair."