Preston based marketers help B2B businesses win at LinkedIn

Preston-based innovative marketing agency; Invoke Media is excited to announce the launch of a new SaaS tool, designed to enable B2B businesses to find success on LinkedIn. 

The team of LinkedIn marketing experts has pooled their experience to create a revolutionary new tool that makes it easier and more effective to generate leads on the platform - all without spending any money on ads. 

inConnect, the cloud-based social selling solution, helps businesses quickly build and filter prospect lists and launch effective outreach campaigns. Differing from other ‘automation’ tools on the market, the focus of inConnect revolves around automating and systemising the laborious tasks, enabling a focus on human interaction.

In addition to offering streamlined processes and automated prospecting, the tool also comes with the ability to dynamically personalise images and gifs in outreach campaigns, increasing conversion rates considerably.

Invoke media director, Jack Barron describes inConnect as the result of 12 months of development and many years of LinkedIn marketing experience. 

His background of working with clients and LinkedIn marketing helped him to realise just what was missing from the plethora of unsafe and risky LinkedIn tools already on the market.   

“The last 18 months has seen a real increase in activity and usage of LinkedIn, and we’ve seen some amazing results as a consequence of that. 

"Finally, we’re able to bring a reputable tool to the market that allows businesses in the B2B markets to prospect effectively, generate leads, and save hours of time otherwise spent on monotonous tasks. 

"This tool will free up more time to spend on human interaction and closing deals.” 

While inConnect is targeted at sales teams, business development, and marketing professionals, it is also highly effective for recruiters, accountants, and anyone else who is looking to market their business using LinkedIn.

The team at Invoke Media are offering a variety of packages at different price points, ranging from a completely self-served option, to a partially managed solution that includes content creation. 

“We understand that different people want different levels of involvement with their lead generation process, and that there are varying levels of proficiency when it comes to both LinkedIn and using tools of this nature. That’s why we’ve put together a suite of offerings that appeal to each audience.”

Future developments are already underway to inConnect. The ability to schedule content directly to LinkedIn from the platform and a free training platform are just two of the features already under development. 

The team is currently offering a 7 day free trial of inConnect to early adopters in the North West of England, with a bespoke onboarding session tailored to your business and audience. To take advantage, contact the team at

Keep your eyes peeled for a public release date in early November 2021. 

For more information about inConnect, please visit or contact the team who will be happy to provide you with a demonstration or more details of how the tool can work for your business.