Power play for Assystem in central Asia

Blackburn-headquartered Assystem has signed an agreement with the government of Uzbekistan to help with the central Asian country’s energy transition.

Assystem, the world’s third largest nuclear engineering organisation, has signing a MoU to help the country’s transition to greener energy sources.

Uzbekistan aims to double its electricity production by 2030. Its new energy mix will included nuclear, gas and wind power.

The agreement – which forms part of the overall above objective – provides for a joint venture to be set up between the Uzbek authorities and Assystem by the end of the year.

The business says that this will create “a clear framework for a working partnership”.

Assystem’s role will be to design, co-ordinate and manage projects to enable the country’s new energy mix to be put in place including new production infrastructure and electricity transmission and distribution networks.

We’re proud to be playing a part in Uzbekistan’s new and ambitious energy policy.

The Paris-listed company’s chief operating officer Stéphane Aubarbier said:  “We’re proud to be playing a part in Uzbekistan’s new and ambitious energy policy. 

“This project confirms Assystem’s commitment to developing safe, carbon-free energy across the globe, starting with the development of nuclear energy, and it demonstrates our ability to help countries and utilities with accelerating their energy transition.

“At the same time, it confirms the success of our business development in the Middle East and Central Asia.”