Platform vs Audience

With any creative projects, one of the first things we ask our clients is ‘who is your audience?’ As business owners we should all have a rock solid idea of who is the intended market for our product which is why any video content used for your marketing should be created to resonate directly with them.

A common mistake people make is not differentiating an audience from a platform. YouTube is not your audience, LinkedIn is not your audience, it’s the people that are on it who we are looking to communicate with. The specific people who are going to buy from you may well be using these platforms but you need to think about how they will find your work and what will appeal to them. Having content that is relevant to a specific audience will generate much more engagement than something that just covers all bases and spreads information thinly.

Our audience is not confined to a singular platform either, they are likely out there roaming a range of social media sites so by tailoring our content to a platform rather than an audience we are potentially reducing the reach of our message.

Having said all this, there may be some platform specific considerations to take into account such as the best aspect ratio to create your content in and the maximum upload length. Twitter for example has a maximum upload length of two minutes and twenty seconds at the time of writing, which may not seem a lot but it’s a handy way of streamlining your message and getting to the point.

These factors are always handy to check up on as they can alter week by week but remember, these should not dictate the content of your message.

By putting an audience at the heart of every message we are not only making the content more effective but giving it a life span that isn’t limited by that of a platform which potentially may not be around as long as your audience, this then makes it more cost effective for you and reduces the need for re-editing.

So, when you’re in the development stage of your video project and have all these brilliant ideas floating around, just take five and look at who it is you’re targeting and where they maybe most likely to consume any content. By all means use as many platforms as possible as you just never know when someone may stumble across your work and take notice, just make sure that the message your conveying is relevant and the customer is at the heart of everything to say and do.

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