Planning smarter for a happier retirement

It’s a common myth that the key to a happy retirement is the biggest possible pension pot.

Drawing a pension is just one part of later life and many who have achieved a ripe old age find they have big ambitions yet to fulfill. 

We believe that the assets you have accumulated can help you achieve more than a steady retirement income. You may also be able to fund your dream purchase, such as a holiday home. 

Or you may have aspirations of helping others - why stockpile assets while your children or grandchildren are struggling to pay university fees or mortgages? 

There may be other important causes you can help and live to see the results.

With smart financial planning, we help many individuals to make the most of their wealth.

We analyse what you have already accumulated and help you to work out what should be invested, what would be better used in other ways and how your retirement plan could be refined.

Why stockpile assets while your grandchildren are struggling to pay university fees?

We help you to identify how much more you can spend, and how much you might be able to give away to family or good causes without running the risk of running out of money. 

Over time, we help you to edge ever closer to your goals, both financial and personal. We help you to identify how much risk you need to take with your investments, if indeed you need to take risk at all. We help you to build investment portfolios that will deliver what you want. We help to stop you from making typical investing mistakes.

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