Pierce appoints YOLO Wellbeing to help employees manage home working health

Blackburn based Pierce Business Advisory and Accountancy firm appoint, local Preston business, YOLO Wellbeing to work with their employees to deliver healthy home working consultations, to raise awareness of musculoskeletal health amongst their teams and help prevent injury and absence.

Pierce chose to work with YOLO Wellbeing because the solution they offered captured information on how employees were working from home; which was then used to conduct small group consultations, delivered live via Zoom. Each session provided 1-2-1 assessments of how employees were working. YOLO Wellbeing provided advice for reasonable adjustments to existing home working stations. 

As part of the consultations, the employees were provided with information and practical advice to improve their home working experience, empowering them to be able to manage their own health. Following the consultations Pierce received an evaluation report which provided the results of the questionnaire; employee feedback and recommendations to help the ongoing health of employees. 

Cheryle Britton, founder of YOLO Wellbeing, comments, “Whilst many companies have completed DSE Assessments of their home workers, the assessments being used are primarily for office based set-ups. Our research highlighted that over 60% of home workers are using improvised set-ups and it is impacting peoples’ health and wellbeing.

“The consultations showed that Pierce has done a great job supporting their employees whilst working from home, with many staff using office equipment at home. However, it highlighted a small number of employees who were struggling with their home working set-up, Pierce are now able to address this.”

Lisa Kennery, HR Director at Pierce, says, “The YOLO Wellbeing consultations have been a great success. Our employees were not just reminded about good posture, it has motivated them to move more and improve their health whilst working from home. It’s also identified some areas where we can help employees.”

Further information:

Cheryle Britton, YOLO Wellbeing