PHX Training offers support to jobseekers

Preston-based PHX Training is offering help to jobseekers by providing access to transport and study equipment.

The company is running a series of courses warehousing, retail, business and administration, team leading and security industry training. It operates out of  seven training centres in Barrow, Blackpool, Carlisle, Cleator Moor, Morecambe, Preston and Workington.

As an incentive to complete the four-week courses, PHX Training is offering each successful learner the offer of driving lessons, a bike, a laptop or the recognised security industry badge.


Briony Fawcett, operations director at PHX Training, said: “We want to make sure the opportunities offered by these courses reach some of those who can take most advantage of them.

“These groups of people of all ages are often difficult to reach because they don’t have access to information, may have a health problem or live in communities which are very remote.

“These incentives are unusual, but these courses are very relevant and can make a difference to people’s futures. We are providing successful pupils with a laptop, bike or driving lessons to increase their possibilities even further when it comes to applying for jobs.”

Learners completing the security course will receive the recognised Security Industry Authority (SIA) badge which is a legal requirement that security professionals must possess in order to undertake work in the security sector. PHX Training creates opportunities for people who are currently unemployed, claiming benefits or on a low income to improve their chances of finding work.