PH7 “Reach” Out to Local Community

Here at PH7 we firmly believe that in times of crisis, a community needs to come together, support each other, lead the way and stay positive.

On what World Health Day we launched our four week “Reach Program” a one stop-shop of free resources to help keep your business moving, address your concerns, help your mental health, keep you active and most importantly keep you happy over the next month.

We want to showcase how different businesses are handling the current situation and especially show some of the people that are working and keeping the country together.

We are offering online sessions over the next four weeks to help people mentally navigate through this time.  Our passion has always been about bringing the community together, acting quickly in times of need and most importantly helping combat mental illness.

“Mental Health Monday” will kick start the program on the 13th April and will see the first day of the program with a video series from our CEO and founder, Paul Howarth.  Paul will give talks about mental health within the workplace, how to support employees and what we can do for our own mental wellbeing.   

Monday will also see a live morning yoga class from Lean Training Club accessible via Zoom, as well as a live HITT class, a video from Deborah Bulcock, coach, mentor, best-selling author, nutritional therapist and experienced business leader, on staying resilient during testing times, with the first day coming to a close with the evening online Men Alive support group.  

The Reach Program will also have professionals answering any concerns around finance related subjects such as pensions, investments, mortgages and protection as well as our legal partners answering any queries around employment advice.

There will be talks and videos from our colleagues and partners, as well as our male and female support groups which are now accessible online.  The program will also feature fun things, like nutrition talks, yoga and family music classes to boost morale!  

For our health partners we are offering all their company employees, additional resource to help navigate them through this time.  They will receive the added benefit of “Partner Reach” to include the basic reach program but with added content including, nutritional plans, online fitness videos, strategies to deal with stress, armchair drop in sessions and much more! 

For a full schedule of the first week program please visit

For more information or to get involved in PH7 Reach please email