Pendleside Hospice joins group to engage with local businesses

Pendleside Hospice has joined Burnley business networking group BNI Kudos to engage with businesses about its fundraising activities including the Corporate Challenge.

Pendleside Hospice is a registered charity that promotes and enhances quality of life for people with life-limiting illnesses, as well as their family and carers. Situated in Reedley midway between Burnley and Nelson, the hospice delivers free, specialist and holistic palliative care, underpinned by relevant research, best practice guidance and professional codes of practice.

The hospice is joining Burnley networking group BNI Kudos to engage with local businesses about its work and fundraising activities.

BNI Kudos is part of the world’s biggest referral organisation, Business Network International, and meets for breakfast every Thursday at Crow Wood Spa, Burnley.

Established over 30 years, BNI has over 200,000 members in more than 70 countries worldwide. It works by organising weekly networking meetings for groups of businesses. Groups use their combined network of contacts to find business opportunities and referrals for one another, to a specific brief that members outline at every meeting.

Pendleside Hospice fund-raising manager Christina Cope has joined BNI Kudos to help promote business-focused initiatives such as the Corporate Challenge.

Christina said: “The concept of the Corporate Challenge is simple. We give you £50 and ask you to turn it into as much as you can within a four-month period. There are lots of ways you can do this and we really don’t mind what you do as long as it’s ethical and legal. Suggestions include dress down days, bake sales, raffles etc, or businesses can enter individuals or teams into one of our organised events such as the Pendle Pub Walk, Burnley 10K or Canal Walk.

“All sponsor money raised is credited to each business’s overall fundraising amount. Every employee that joins our Lottery during the qualifying period and every bag of clothing donated to our shops from your employees will provide a credit to the business’s fundraising total. “The more businesses we can get involved the better, so we have joined BNI to help spread the word through the group’s business networks using BNI’s proven referral systems. We are also now BNI Kudos’s official charity and the group is also taking part in the Corporate Challenge too. We have 27 businesses involved so far and the competition is hotting up to see who can raise the most, so it’s very exciting, and we’re grateful to everyone who is taking part.”