Pendle business re-brands after 10 years

Innova Solutions Ltd has doubled in size over the last to years and now the Lancashire based business is to introduce ‘eco-friendly’ products and  its export business, Innova is taking the reins in the adhesive, adhesive tape, and photoluminescent industry.

Supplying both to the UK and exporting to the EU and beyond, Innova Solutions Ltd has been trading since 2002 with over 60 years of experience in adhesive, adhesive tapes and photoluminescent products into industry.

Innova prides itself in helping every partner, and has gone that extra mile to make sure that they are satisfied with their purchase. It has been common place in the adhesive industry to sell merchandise with little or no guidance which raises a large amount of confusion over which product to choose.

With a trusted handpicked team, managing director Glenn Dunleavey and sales director Spencer Kelly strive to remove any uncertainty from choosing an adhesive tape or adhesive solution and help you consistently find the right product.

Glenn said: "Since doubling our turnover in the past two years, we have the bold intention of doing this again over the next three. Obviously this becomes more challenging the bigger you get, especially in this climate when you can be dealt adversity from areas not under your control. We are aware that we need to re-invest and support the sales effort in some key areas such as digital marketing and we have already recruited and injected considerable funding in order to get us to the next level. Running a company is a symbiotic partnership, you must nurture the business for it to protect and take care of the team."

Recent times have been bright for Innova Solutions, new partnerships been formed at both ends of the supply chain to boost profitability. A combined, consistent and concerted effort from the dedicated team saw Innova emerge from the recession early and between March 2010 and March 2012 Innova more than doubled its turnover. Having an open-office policy and tightly-knit workforce, the line of communication is constantly open. It is this camaraderie that gives Innova the ‘can do’ persona that it exudes. Nothing is too much trouble for the Innova team– if there is a product that you need for any certain application they will find it, or make it for you.

In 2011, Innova acquired Kemco Technology Ltd. The collaboration of Innova’s outstanding reputation for the supply of high quality photoluminescent materials and Kemco’s technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of materials and their properties has made an incomparable partnership.

Always welcoming change, Innova decided that the next decade warranted a new image. 2013 brings promise of new horizons and the need to react became apparent. After an extensive research process the branding has been changed to represent Innova Solutions Ltd as the pro-active and eco-friendly company that it is.

Coinciding with the re-brand is a new website. Bringing a bright and fresh white background that is pleasing to the eye. The website is much more user friendly and has been designed so customers and potential clients can easily navigate and find what they are looking for. Innova has sought to make the user feel comfortable and be encouraged to get in touch with them for any information on the products or advice for their application.

Jumping from the homepage, emails and letterheads is a brand new logo. Gone, is the capital ‘I’ emerging from the orange sphere, in favour of a strong, block text which itself becomes the logo. Innova has also taken up a fresh slogan; “bonding people, fixing problems” – a great reflection of the company’s personality.

Glenn Dunleavey, managing director said: "The initial branding concept and strap-line was deliberately vague with regard to what products we were actually promoting. Whilst our background was firmly cast in adhesive tapes and adhesives, the original ethos at start-up was to target a few market sectors and service them to death and providing them with one of the ultimate benefits, hence the strap-line ‘Making Life Easier’.

"We were prepared to let that ethos drive both the business and product range. After 10 years it is clear that we have carved out our own little niche offering a package of benefit packed and value-added adhesive solutions and our new strap-line proudly sums us up: ‘Bonding People Fixing Problems’. The company name is now our logo and the incorporation of the green tick immediately draws connotations of eco-awareness, making the right choice and imparting peace of mind in dealing with us in that we will get it right first time.

"I was delighted with the contrast between the green and dark grey and the imposing font and wide letter strokes convey the strength of Innova today and our position in the market. ‘The future’s bright but it is no longer orange!"

Situated in a beautiful rural location, the impact on the environment and sustainability has always been at the forefront of the Innova ethos that has opted for renewable solutions to heat the entire farm. They continue with this theme in researching and developing ‘greener’ products wherever possible.

Sales director Spencer Kelly, said: "The current trend and need for more eco-friendly materials and bonding solutions has led Innova to source a range of high specification products that meet this criteria, without compromising final product quality and aesthetics. The new NovaBond XS (Extra Shear) range of foamed acrylic tapes are cured by UV, eliminating the solvent from both the production process and final product.

"By using this method products can be tailored to exhibit such properties as higher initial tack, greater conformability and increased shear strength values. Another cutting edge technology comes in the form of the new NovaSol NC (non chlorinated) range of plastic welding adhesives. With dichloromethane on the health and safety radar, we have developed a range of dichloromethane free products to compete against traditional products. Innova will continue to listen to its customers requirements for greener products and solutions with both the environment and quality in mind."

Innova is committed to expanding the team in line with its ambitious growth plans and its recruitment strategy to offer Government backed apprenticeships retains vitality whilst tackling youth unemployment.

Linda Barrowclough, customer relationship manager, said: "I think the apprenticeship schemes are a fantastic way of giving young people a chance to prove themselves and give them a sense of self-worth. School leavers and graduates can really develop their skill sets with our ‘hands-on’, empowerment approach."

Ryan Crummack started his apprenticeship with Innova on his 17th birthday. Two years later he’s become a valued member of the Innova team, based in the onsite warehouse. Since starting, Ryan has achieved the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in warehousing and storage, allowing him to work on his own initiative and assist the warehouse and logistics manager, Roy Bright. In the near future Ryan will be taking on more responsibility as Innova expands into another warehouse.

Linda said: “It’s great that Innova Solutions could offer a school leaver a job within a dynamic growing business; it allows us to give something back to the community – the chance of a career. I for one feel very privileged to be part of Ryan’s growth and development within this business.”

Innova has also expanded the marketing department within the head office, with the introduction of Elizabeth Welch as market research and development manager. Elizabeth has entered the adhesive tape industry with a varied experience in communications whilst studying public relations with journalism at the University of Central Lancashire.

Elizabeth’s first priority is to build social media platforms and enhanced communication channels between Innova and its customers. Her role will ensure that regular, customer-focused marketing; blogging and social media access is extended to the new website and other promotional materials allowing Innova to build the brand profile and have closer contact with their partners and prospective clients.

Innova believes people are the secret to its growth and success; passion, commitment and enthusiasm are all key attributes that its team must possess. Coupled with ongoing training of product knowledge, customer service and technical support, the team at Innova Solutions can find the perfect product for the job every time.

The promise of growth in the next few years is exciting for both Innova and its partners. Not content to ride the tail of recent success, Innova has made provision to ensure the doubling of the turnover over the next three years. Underpinning the investment in people and digital marketing, Innova is building additional warehousing facilities at head office to accommodate the expansion and this is planned to be in use from August this year.

Roy Bright, warehouse and logistics manager said: “We are delighted to be in a position to match our planned growth with a corresponding increase in storage facilities. The new warehouse will feature many updated systems to enable us to better control our goods in and out processes whilst focusing on what improvements we can make for the customer. The space we are creating will accommodate much more growth over the coming years.”

Although very successful in the UK, Innova has plans to exploit a number of niche industries, both home and away. The extension into the export market is already proving fruitful, but with its new three year business plan, Innova is expecting to gain half of its forecast turnover from overseas markets. Glenn said: “Our early successful incursions into the export market a few years ago were done with some trepidation. Since seeking help from government bodies and initiatives like UKTI and Growth Accelerator, both of which have been most helpful, we are much better equipped with the tools, resources and knowledge to exploit export opportunities more efficiently. It seems that every time we get on a plane we come back with an order and a new customer. I guess we are developing a love of flying.”