PDS CNC Engineering earns Rolls Royce approval

PDS CNC Engineering Limited has been awarded full quality approval with Rolls Royce Deutschland.

Rolls-Royce Deutschland is Germany's only fully certified engine manufacturer with complete systems capability for the design, production and after-sales support of modern civil and military turbine engines. Operating in four business sectors as a world leader in global markets - civil aerospace, defence aerospace, marine and energy.

The approval follows the company being award new approvals with Rolls Royce in 2014 and further builds the partnership between PDS, Rolls Royce and the global aerospace supply chain.

Managing director Annette Weekes said: "It's a fantastic start to the new year and testament to all the hard work taken to get to this point by the team at PDS, we're very grateful to Rolls Royce, Rolls Royce Deutschland and our supply chain partners for their continued support as we grow together" Nelson based PDS CNC Engineering is a specialist in aerospace machining. The firm has worked on high profile projects such as land speed record breaking Thrust SSC, rebuilding Donald Campbell's Bluebird boat following its recovery from Coniston, the record breaking British Steam Car and with balloonist Per Lindstrand.