PDQ contract for CoolKit

PDQ Specialist Courier Services has taken delivery of seven brand new multi-temperature refrigerated vehicles from Burnley-based CoolKit Ltd, fitted with high quality refrigeration systems and the latest state of the art temperature monitoring and tracking equipment.

Accurate temperature control is essential to PDQ, which specialises in the pharmaceutical, hazardous and scientific analysis industries, with a customer base covering the UK and Europe.

The vehicles from CoolKit will be used in the handling a variety of temperature-critical consignments, including pharmaceutical and pathology samples, new and controlled drugs, radioactive and flammable materials, as well as frozen embryos and a range of children’s medicines for neo-natal and premature babies.

PDQ Business development manager, Luke Devlin, explains: “Temperature is at the heart of everything we do at PDQ. All our deliveries are temperature-critical and the need for real-time, perfect information is paramount.

“Such is the variety and complexity of loads being carried that we require highly specialist vehicles.

"The CoolKit vehicles have both dual and triple compartment bodies, and the latest technology from Seven Telematics. "Up to three independent temperature probes provide our customers with the highest level of information possible during transit. We ensure traceability throughout the delivery process and can log into any vehicle, at any time, all over Europe and this includes when they are on ferries too. The detailed analysis even monitors the length of time of every door opening during a delivery cycle.”