PCB designer recognised with industry qualification

Following on from last year’s CID (Certified Interconnected Designer) qualification, Adam Barcroft, one of Quadra’s Printed Circuit Board (PCB) designers, has just successfully gained the advanced qualification of CID+.

This advanced qualification builds on the initial CID course Adam completed last year. The CID+ syllabus includes advanced material selection, impedance planning, transmission line theory and manufacturing and assembly consideration for design.

Adam said: “Our customers will be the ones that experience the benefit of the CID+ training that I have received because of support from Quadra Solutions. This qualification is similar to ISO 9001; having your designs completed by someone with CID accreditation assures the competence and capability of the designer and ultimately that the service received by Quadra customers is of the highest quality.”

Quadra Solutions Ltd house one of the largest Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design bureaus in the UK supporting local, national and international companies with a vast range of PCB design services. The intensive CID programme which demonstrates a real commitment to excellence is run by the IPC, the global trade association for PCB design professionals.

In order to meet demand, Quadra has recently grown their PCB design team with additional designers and dedicated account management. Stephen Dobson, managing director at Quadra Solutions added: “For us it is key that we demonstrate to our customers that their designs are in the safest of hands and they can rest assured that the engineers laying out their PCBs are experts in their field. Some of our customers have stated that the engineer must be qualified to CID level and so, as one of the largest UK bureaus, we plan on putting all of our staff through this course. It will stand Quadra apart and act as a statement of excellence.”