Opinion: The more things change, the more they stay the same

I started Hotfoot Design from my back bedroom after working for brands at agencies and in-house in Manchester and the States.

Charlie Haywood Hotfoot sqBy Charlie Haywood, creative director at Hootfoot Design.

I wanted to create the kind of company that I would want to hire - one that offered the care and attention of a big city agency, but without the hefty price tag.

It's now our tenth year in business, and Hotfoot has grown; I now work with two partners and a small team of specialists and we offer brand, digital and marketing services to clients across Lancashire and beyond.

Our clients are mostly small and medium sized companies that are growing and want help achieving their goals. It could be a need for more sales enquiries, or to increase the perceived value of their brand. We help them solve problems using tried and tested processes, innovation and lots of opportunities for collaboration.

Over the last decade there have been huge changes in almost ever sector. Spectacular growth in the use of smartphones and social media networks, for example, means the internet is something we engage with continuously throughout the day.

The next ten years promises to be equally disruptive with the rise of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

But while technology and trends change, much will stay the same. People will always value great design and a brilliant user experience, they will expect brands to be relevant and interesting. Our job is to help clients communicate all that makes them special and to get the outcomes they want. I don't see that changing.