Opinion: PR – it measures up!

Tigerfish managing director Amanda Jackson challenges the view that all publicity is good publicity.

Amanda Jackson TigerfishMy favourite fable is about the firm who wanted to be on the front pages of their local newspaper.

They achieved it three times. Once because they had made a massive investment in their business; once for creating 50 new jobs, and once because the MD had been shoplifting.

Clearly, not all press coverage is good for business.

How then, should you measure how successful your PR campaign is?

Well, firstly, it’s important to work out what you want to achieve with your PR. Often, my clients will simply say they want “more awareness”, but is that really something that can be easily measured?

It’s important to be able to justify spend on PR, so having a specific goal will help you and your PR agency get the results you want.

Here are just some other things to bear in mind:
  • Don’t just measure how many press releases you’ve sent out – measure the outcomes. For example, what happened as a result of your company being in the papers? Did you see an increased number of views to your website?
  • Measure the quantity and quality of media coverage ie. how many times did the story get mentioned? How many potential readers saw the coverage? Was it positive about your company?
  • What impact has your PR made on your business ?
But whatever you do, remember, people can’t buy from you, if they don’t know about you. Don’t be Lancashire’s best kept secret! Amanda Jackson Managing director Tigerfish PR