Opinion: Let networking lead you into the limelight

Karen Tems of the Business Network suggests we should all be making hay whilst the sun shines.

Karen-Tems-squareGood news at last!

According to the leading think tank, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, the British economy is gathering pace and looks set to grow by more than expected this year, with output increasing by a 'relatively robust' 0.6% between March and May.

If this fuels your hopes that Britain is finally on the road to recovery more than five years after the financial crisis struck, then now is the time to push the boat out and get your company firmly into the limelight.

Networking is a key tool of performance and confirms what we always know - the better our connections the more successful we are likely to be.

However before you attempt to expand your clients and suppliers and share your expertise with others, think about the following when you attend a networking event:

Be interested in other members.

Remember that those attending may be as nervous as you are, so show interest in them and what they do. Take time to ask people about their company. Draw them out and ask them to describe the products they manufacture or the services they provide.

Always find someone new to talk to.

The more networking events you attend, the more people you get to know. But bear in mind you are there to expand your connections, so always introduce yourself to new people. Don't be shy - you already have the skill required - the art of conversation.

And remember to accept 1-2-1s after each event - getting to know people and seeing how you can help each other really does pay dividends in the long run.

Now that the economy is starting to recover, networking has never been more essential. So don't miss out, seize the opportunities it provides.

Karen Tems The Business Network