Opinion: Boost your business

Towards the latter end of 2013, many businesses saw an upturn in the economy, providing a much-needed confidence boost and an opportunity to consider future growth plans.

Sian-Wilson-Head-of-Business-Development-Training-2000by Sian Wilson, head of business development, Training 2000.

The New Year is a great time to take stock, make decisions on how you might overcome any challenges and think about how to take your business forward.

Growing your workforce is one way to significantly improve your bottom line and hiring new staff, particularly young learners to undertaking an Apprenticeship, is a proven way to ensure that employees have the requisite skills and qualifications tailored to your business and the sector in which you operate.

Up-skilling your existing employees with refreshed training methods is also an effective way to challenge your workforce as they will be reminded of their key responsibilities and objectives within their role.

At Training 2000, we have prepared for the New Year by investing £400,000 into our ICT equipment. This will update our current facilities, speed up our processes and ensure that we can offer the best training facilities in the country.

The replacement of our ICT equipment and systems will streamline our offering as the largest Group Training Association in England as it will allow employers to access real-time updates on staff progress at any time.

Learners will also benefit from the investment, with replacement computers, equipment and servers enhancing the learning journey, speeding up the process in which they learn and subsequently enhancing their overall development. Over the next 12 months we are also looking to extend our offering by introducing many new and innovative courses to support staff at all levels, which is just part of our commitment to raising the skill level of Lancashire’s workforce.