Online sales giants EKM and fulfilmentcrowd join forces

Preston-based EKM and Chorley-based fulfilmentcrowd have formed a partnership to streamline online sales for ecommerce businesses.

EKM Fulfilmentcrowd

EKM has developed software which enables clients to easily build ecommerce websites, with hosting, content management, payments, product sourcing and marketing advice all included.

It was the first cloud-based ecommerce platform in the UK and is still the biggest, having set-up 70,000 shops worldwide, which generate over half a billion pounds in sales every year.

fulfilmentcrowd owns more than 100,000 sq ft of warehousing space powered by a high density picking system and automated dispatch conveyors.

Together, they will offer cost-effective seamless checkout, stock management and order dispatch process.

Mark Gilbertson, business development manager at EKM, said: “Now EKM customers can take their online operation to the next level without having to invest in large warehouses or storage facilities. EKM customers have always needed cost-effective storage and fulfilment. fulfilmentcrowd ticks all the boxes.”

fulfilmentcrowd’s cloud-based platform augments EKM’s online features with intelligent purchasing tools, total stock visibility and automated order processing.

The availability of stock across fulfilmentcrowd’s centres is displayed in real-time on integrated EKM websites and customers can track the progress of their order through to delivery.

Lee Thompson, sales and marketing director at fulfilmentcrowd, added: “We are proud to be working alongside a fellow Lancastrian business who share our values and are constantly innovating in the ecommerce sector. “The integration of our platforms is a game-changer; EKM clients can now access an ‘out-of-the-box’ fulfilment solution that enables them to the improve delivery experience, reduce costs and focus their time on accelerated growth.”