On a mission to support employee mental health in the return to work

Doctor turned hypnotist Aaron Calvert at Prescription Hypnosis is on a mission to support employee mental health in the return to work.

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As we enter into a new phase of COVID-19 it’s so important as employers that we are supporting our employees in their return to work. We need to help our staff destress, manage anxiety and get on top of their mental health in preparation for the return to work in the changed working landscape.

Mental health can sometimes be the bottom of the priority list and especially now as we focus on the financial security of our business. Aside from the true cost of poor mental health management being upwards of £35 billion for the UK and the obvious impact it has on individuals, early invention and support for employees will vastly improve their return to productivity and ultimately your business’ ability to bounce back.

We should be striving towards a positive work culture and a happy workplace. This means looking after our employees’ mental and emotional needs. 

Putting it into perspective happy workplaces are found to be more productive generating up to 3 x more revenue, improves company loyalty and decreases employee turnover. 

So, we're on a mission to help employers like you better support your employees before, during and after their return to work and create a happy workplace.

“It’s important to look after employees in their time of need, but there’s much more to be said about a preventative over curative strategy with mental health. It’s about creating a positive mindset and offering holistic support for your entire team. Digital delivery strategies are making it increasingly easy to ensure employees have access to the support they need when they need it.” Aaron Calvert

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