Oliver McCann

Name: Oliver McCann
Company: Taylors Solicitors
Position: Employment Partner

Brief CV
I am told by my parents that a career in law always beckoned from an early age, due to my continual arguing that “black is white”. On more than one occasion they commented that I would make a good lawyer! Twenty five years on, I now suspect my parents were subliminally setting a sub-conscious mindset that a career in law was for me!

This is not to say that a law career was certain or my destiny. I flirted with the possibility of becoming a Graphic Designer to use my creative skills and very nearly elected to take a degree in micro-biology, having taken Chemistry and Biology A Levels.

However, following a choice of a degree in law and economics and its successful completion, moving into the legal profession became the next logical step. Of course, I held student jobs on the way, such as Pot-Washer, café cook, Barman and Packer at a couple of local companies.

Once on the front lines in the legal profession, however, I soon found a passion for employment law, which has kept me busy ever since. The range of interesting employment issues facing businesses on a day-to-day basis, together with fast-changing employment legislation, means there is never a dull moment.

I like to think that my business clients see me as part of their team – someone they can turn to for guidance on employment issues, knowing that not only will I be there to assist, but that I will work hard to achieve their objectives.

Favourite music at the moment?
I am currently listening to the new Avenged Sevenfold CD (which is excellent), along with Bens Brother, Linkin Park and Jack Savoretti! “Chippy Tea” by Lancashire Hotpots does however get a regular airing on a Friday night on my way home from work! My kids love that song!

Your must watch TV?
I am a sucker for reality TV, so I at the moment I’m watching Dragons Den and Undercover Boss. I also love The Apprentice when it’s on. I’m just waiting for my moment of genius so I can present an invention before the Dragons!

Ideal way of winding down after work?
Mid-week it’s going for a couple of runs and watching some decent TV. On a Friday night, however, this converts into consuming real ales or the old crushed grapes, along with a decent takeaway!

Best Piece of business advice:
You need to be passionate about what you do – if you’re not, that will manifest itself through the service you provide to your clients - and always deliver on your promises!