NWEEG - November event review

NWEEG was recently hosted by Together Trust at their head office in Cheadle, Manchester on 11 November 2015. We covered the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility and how it affects employee engagement within business.

To start our event we had managing director of Scancapture, Steve Smith talking about the top 10 ways to engage your staff and the importance of employee engagement within all businesses.

Our first speakers were Mark Lee and Julie Isted from Together Trust, who gave us an insight into the history of the charity. They then welcomed their colleagues Caroline Boyd and Rochelle Dunkerley who delivered a presentation focusing on employee engagement during challenging times. This went into detail on how the recession affected them however they were able to come out stronger.

The Together Trust CEO, Mark Lee commented: “Today is my first time at a NWEEG event which I thoroughly enjoyed, fantastic speakers and really interesting to see how some of the themes and issues from completely different sectors are relevant to us.”

We then had a fantastic presentation from Rachel Herbinson who is Assistant Vice President at Barclays. She took us through their CSR journey and the initiatives that they supported through the company. The final presentation of the morning was from Will Clayton and Emma Swan of Knights Professional Services. Their presentation concentrated on supporting career progression and upskilling leaders so that they could engage their employees with more understanding.

Learning and Development Specialist, Janet Macdonald said: “Another good event here at NWEEG. I’ve been here since the very beginning and I think I’ve only missed one ever since its inception. I would encourage anyone to come along and just take advantage of people’s thoughts, ideas and find out what’s going on in the North West.” To view our review video please visit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPyXRI78wkA