NWEEG announces diamond sponsors for 2016

NWEEG (North West Employee Engagement Group) are proud to announce that for 2016, it will be receiving investment from diamond sponsors Scancapture and acdc LED.

Scancapture is a specialised employee engagement business who are well known for conducting both staff and consumer surveys. While acdc LED are a UK-based lighting company recognized for their quality long-life LED lighting solutions.

Scancapture, managing director, Steve Smith commented: “We are absolutely delighted with the growth of NWEEG and to now be able to invest in a future that will help businesses improve their employee engagement, there really is no better feeling.”

The diamond sponsors will also be supported by long standing ambassadors Sofaworks, Lanway and Crown Paints. These businesses will be involved in developing the group and being seen as companies/organisations that truly care about their employees.

acdc LED operations director, Alistair Toward, said: “This is a fantastic new development for NWEEG and we are extremely excited to be part of the evolution of such an incredible group that is becoming more popular every month.” NWEEG originally was founded in 2014 and has over 250 businesses who regularly attend events across the North West. To book onto our future events please feel free to contact us via tracey@nweeg.co.uk as we will be starting the year off at Danbro in Lytham.