Nublue explores the world of ecommerce extensions

Nublue has recently released its Tag Injector Extension to the Magento Marketplace, bringing the total number of extensions produced by the company to six since the beginning of 2019. 

Nublue embarks into the world of Magento Extensions development after the release of Magento 2.3 last November. Developing Magento extensions allows the ecommerce professional community to contribute towards extending and evolving the platform to provide better products and services for developers, clients and users alike.

The Magento Marketplace has thousands of premium extensions and themes which cover a range of functionalities that further enrich Magento’s powerful features. For merchants that require niche and specific requirements for their ecommerce store, Extensions allow the functionality of Magento out-of-the-box to be stretched to cover a variety of markets and uses. For example, merchants who sell personalised items could have Extensions put in place that allows for a customer journey specially streamlined for customising items.

Nublue would like to become an influencer in the world of Magento and give back to the rest of the digital community by creating simple yet elegant extensions. This vision started in their own projects, as with some clients they faced new challenges when using the Magento platform so, to get around these, their expert developers created bespoke solutions to overcome the challenges.

“Creating extensions allows us to build one solution for everyone as opposed to maintaining multiple incantations of practically the same solution. As result, we can iron out that single product and make it more awesome for everyone, without the replication of resource,” said Sam Butler-Thompson, lead developer (back-end).

Nublue hopes their extensions will help solve challenges in many different areas of ecommerce. From assisting developers to develop easier and more efficiently with their Tag Injector and Image Optimiser Extensions, to assisting merchants to sell their products with their Shipping Deadline Countdown and Invisible ReCAPTCHA Extensions. As well as, they hope to assist merchants with system maintenance by reducing workload when managing hosting and site code with their Cache Warmer and Bot Blocker Extensions.

“The goal with developing extensions is to not only give back to the Magento community with whom we have worked so closely with since 2007, but also to ensure that everyone who has a Magento store has a little bit of Nublue in them too,” said Andrew Bailey, production manager and Magento 2 solution specialist.

It seems the development team at Nublue is showing no signs of slowing with their development of Extensions with at least another three due to hit the Marketplace in the next month.