Now's the time to invest

For many businesses, the last couple of years have been unbelievably tough, a time to tighten the belt.

When assessing costs, there’s investments that drive the business forward and outgoings which merely deplete the bottom line.

Quite often, marketing is mistakenly lumped into the latter category and its budget is one of the first to suffer the chop.

But communicating with your current and potential customers is one of the most important factors in keeping money flowing in.

The reality is, if you’re not on the offensive, you’re quickly forgotten. If you’re not informing and reminding people what you do, why they need you and why you’re the best option - through brochures, flyers, magazine articles, adverts, whatever it may be, then it’s your competition they’re hearing it from instead of you.

I know it’s very easy to tell others to open their purse, but we did it ourselves - and the rewards have been huge.

We invested heavily in new technology, the latest flatbed printer. Then we put the message out there that our printing was now faster, better quality and far greener than before.

A new saddle stitching machine is not only faster but opened up options for far more diverse products such as A4 landscape brochures, popular amongst the construction and estate agency sectors.

This led to us being assigned as a preferred supplier to the NHS, and the floodgates soon opened. They wanted posters, floor stickers, window stickers, pull-up banner stands, and so much more. Our investments were richly rewarded.

Call our team to learn more about how our wide range of print products can help get your business noticed and help you to achieve your goals.

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