Not just another giveaway

My client views promotional merchandise as a key part of their marketing strategy using the items at exhibitions, to incentivise staff and to promote new products. They stock tried and tested ‘basics’ such as mugs, pens, notepads & coasters and stick to items they feel appeal to large sections of their target audience.

Prior to working with me as a specialist they used the same ‘on-line’ supplier and placed repeat orders each year and, because we live in an increasingly price-conscious world, they sought out the cheapest price possible. The on-line world offered a vast choice and competitive prices but have they really saved money in the long run and utilised the product choices available to their advantage?

It became apparent that they have key international visitors and on departing my client naturally wanted to give them a memento. Typically the stock room was raided and out came bags of merchandise, however, these were business clients travelling ‘light’ and sadly, the bags of merchandise rarely made the flight!

After brainstorming, their international clients now eagerly accept an executive travel pillow manufactured in corporate colours and branded with their company logo. It is relevant to the recipients needs, it is a desired and high value product demonstrating appreciation, and better still, the recipient will travel in comfort creating a positive association with the brand and the user.

When you work with a distributor your selection is determined by your needs and goals, and enhanced by the experience, creativity and recommendations of that distributor who has your best interests at heart.

Find the right distributor and they will use their knowledge to ensure your merchandise delivers the correct message, at the right time and to the right people, resulting in a targeted marketing campaign and not just another giveaway!

Specialist distributors have access to thousands of products. Yes, you can find a mug online, but a distributor can find hundreds of mugs, in a multitude of colours, sizes & shapes. Have you saved money if the mugs you ordered are not the right colour or inferior in quality? Your distributor’s commitment to customer service should also guarantee your satisfaction with the finished product.

When you order through a trusted distributor, your order will be monitored and your deadline date kept at the forefront of their mind. Seldom do you receive that kind of personalised, “hand-holding” customer service from an online company.

Danielle Crowther
Director, Love to Brand Ltd