New year, new start - divorce month

You may have noticed recent media reports proclaiming that the season of goodwill has been closely followed by another more modern tradition people seeking a divorce or separation from their partners.

by Birchall Blackburn Law

A long festive break, cooped up with families without work or other usual daily routines to distract us, can focus thoughts on all that may be wrong in a relationship and harden resolve to make the New Year a new start.

This is certainly our Family Law team’s experience and January is one of our busiest times, with many new clients contacting us to discuss a divorce or separation.

We always caution our clients to take the time to consider the impact of their decision. Is it just a reaction to a long break from routine, or are there deeper underlying issues that mean that the relationship really has broken down?

For some people, their issues arise from a lack of effective communication that can be resolved by a commitment to relationship counselling. For others, the damage to their relationship is too deep and cannot be repaired.

By giving you all the information you need, you can to decide on the right option for you and your family. We can give advice on mediation, negotiated and collaborative settlements. Where is it clear that agreement cannot be reached we will provide robust advice and advocacy for you in court proceedings. We can discuss the wide range of funding solutions available to suit your circumstance.