New year, new name, same goal

Mindsight has become Six Connections Community. The social member of the Six Connections family.

What's The Story?

In 2020, Burnley businessman Dave Scholes started Mindsight. Finalists in this year's Red Rose Awards, in realty, this journey started over 20 years ago, when Dave met Ian, in a registration line on his first day at Uni.

Dave says: "One simple sentence 'Got a pen mate?' started a conversation and a connection. Through Uni and the years after, we were close. Mates for the distance. The proper sort!

"In September 2011, Ian took his own life.

"I struggled, hiding from how I really felt for a long time. It wasn’t easy, but with the support of the people around me, I started to talk more openly about how I was really doing. Usually over a brew or a beer. 

"If I could work through this, it felt like others could too. I wasn’t an expert, but with time and the right direction, I knew that, like me, everyone could learn more about managing their own mental health, what expert advice is available and what genuinely supporting others looks like."

Little By Little

Dedicated to flipping the focus on mental health, in and beyond the 9 to 5, Mindsight set out to remove stumbling blocks, ditch tick box and reduce stigma. It was unique. But it wasn’t enough!

In 2021 Six Connections was born. Initially with beers and coffees, designed to help start the conversation around mental health. In normal places like the pub, in work or at the footy. As normal as a pair of Adidas trainers of a chat about your favourite vinyl. Products linked to conversation, to get the conversation going, with a website of support and a delivery programme to back up the chat.

People liked it. IN FACT, people LOVED it! So, we connected it all together.

Roll With It

On January 6th 2022, Mindsight became Six Connections Community. The social part of the family. Always giving back to make real conversation accessible to all. Fittingly on Ian’s birthday. Where it all started!

What's NEW for 22?

We’re here to help businesses change your world, one connection conversation at a time. 

Roast & Toast – Our FREE weekly online session. A relaxed, safe space, connecting you with like minded people, with shared stories, real experience and shared support.

People Partnership – Our delivery programme. Starting the conversations that need to happen and connecting your business to healthy, sustainable solutions.

Products – Our range of beers and coffees. Ideal to start the conversations that we all need from time to time. QR codes on each of our products connect your friends, family and colleagues to easily accessible help and support 24-7.

Our approach is creative, helping you to open up with a mate or start some healthy conversations in your organisation. All aspects of our delivery help you and the people closest to you, look out for each other, in the good, the bad and everything in between.  

Six Connections is more than a beer, workplace wellbeing or a one-off course. Six Connections Community is more than just charity. Together we’re building a genuine, positive culture, that starts with you.

Be part of a legacy. Powered by my mate!


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