New ways of working

As we all know many people are still working from home and will be for the foreseeable. This has lead me to develop a new way of working. I have been asked by a number of clients if I can photograph people in their homes, gardens, balconies, parks etc. in addition to the usual office environment.

I have travelled more extensively to get these images as people can live in some cases 100's of miles from their work base. In one case a London based client asked me to photograph one of their partners in York where they lived. 

This has worked really well, and has the unexpected benefit of being more relaxed for the client. Of course the usual social distancing, face masks and gallons of hand sanitiser are all in place.

I can set something up in the smallest of spaces and will travel far and wide to get the shots needed.

Just let me know how you would like to work and I will adapt to whatever is needed to get the images you require. I am always happy to have a chat to discuss. In addition to the usual head shots and corporate portraits I have even done a few socially distanced group shots which worked really well.

Below are a few instagram shots from shoots over the past 6 months.

Take care, speak soon