New space for St Wilfrid's Academy

St Wilfrid's C of E Academy has enlisted Lomas Office to help revamp its space.

In July 2013, staff and students decided they deserved the best and that ambitious action was needed to push the academy to be outstanding.

It was decided that investment should be made in the learning environment, IT provision and infrastructure and to challenge the planning and past use of technology. St Wilfrid's focus was the way in which it could maximise the space within the academy.

Discussions with designer and further research delivered creative draft plans for student consultation in September 2013. What came back, the simple student request ‘we want a kettle in our common room’ was humbling – their request was so modest.

December 2013 saw builders moving on site as skilled craftsman began turning dreams into reality.

Lomas Office Furniture in Blackburn was appointed as part of the team which designed and delivered the £250,000 refurbishment and alongside other manufacturers. The academy's principal said: "The space created is the "wow" space my senior colleagues and I had sought and will, I know, be welcomed by all members of St Wilfrid’s and their partners, and used to inspire learners."