New 5 Star security system launched

5 Star Security Services has launched a new system that can cover up to 60 acres of land wirelessly, protecting large areas and commercial property.

The firm was established last summer and has doubled in size within the year.

Managing director Luke Maher said: "We have developed new software and combined it with existing software within alarms and made a new system which is more sophisticated than anything else on the market.

"The alarm was developed based on the experience of my business partner David O'Sullivan, who already worked in security, and my experience in the current marketplace. We identified that many commercial property owners, councils and asset management companies pay a fortune every year to protect their assets, property and belongings."

The new system covers a larger area, is wireless, communicates direct to facilitator within seconds of an alarm being sounded via mobile device and costs two thirds less than the current market leader. It has recently been tested on a farmer's fields, covering up to 60 acres of land. The alarm would notify the farmer of anyone trespassing on their land and in what area.