Multipack invests in cello-wrap machinery

Darwen-based contract packer Multipack Logistics has purchased and installed a new Sollas overwrapper to complement its existing line-up of machinery.

The company now has two overwrap machines, enabling it to offer a substantial increase in cello-wrapping capacity and speed, as well as allowing an increase to the size of product the company can wrap.

Paul Sunter, business development manager, said: "As a growing company in the hard fought contract packing market, we need to increase the services that we offer to our clients. We are always looking at ways to accomplish this, and this is the first step in our main objective to offer the one-stop-shop that our clients require."

Managing director Simon Fayle added: "Our acquisition not only increases our capacity but also enables us to wrap larger products such as gift sets and multiple product packs." As well as cello-wrapping, Multipack Logistics also offers other types of wrapping, over-labelling, general co-pack services and more.