Mr Motivator MBE: Motivation for the “Covid Hurricane” and exercising racism out of the media

Business Psychologist Michael Costello meets Mr Motivator (Derek Evans) to explore how we can stay motivated during the challenging times of Covid or what he calls "Life's Hurricanes".
The interview explores how he dealt with racism in his career, particularly from media network sponsors who told him "A black man doing fitness can't work".  
Recorded before the award of his MBE by the Queen for services to health and fitness, the interview also asks whether he felt he had received the recognition for his work in breaking down racial barriers. 
This podcast explores:
• How we can get our mindset right & feel energised before we set off to work
• The importance of drawing from our past experiences to sustain belief & motivation
• How he responded to Covid during 2020 & racism from TV sponsors in the 1990s
• The importance of the country moving forward together using lessons from the past
• The obesity crisis facing the UK & the recommended 20 minutes a day exercise
• Lastly, do you think Mr Motivator has ever taken a "Sickie"? 
Get your Lycra ready and make sure you're warmed up for this one!...
Podcast Notes:
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