MP visits Keenans to congratulate them on fundraising efforts

This year Bury Hospice celebrates its 30th anniversary. In that time it has provided a phenomenal level of care and support to people in the Bury area. Now a new partnership between the Hospice and top local estate agents Keenans will see a donation of £30,000 going straight to the fundraising efforts of the Hospice.

For every house listed during the month of July customers will be asked to commit to a donation to the Hospice when it sells. Keenans will effectively be selling houses for free. This initiative means that simply by listing a house with Keenans Estate Agents in Bury, people will also be helping fund the Hospice which has done so much to support the community over the past 30 years. 

People may not realise that Hospices are self-funding charities. It costs around £3 million to run Bury Hospice for a year and the vast majority of that money comes from public donations. 

Bury South MP, Christian Wakeford, was so impressed when he saw this initiative that he sent a letter of support to Paul Keenan, Managing Director of Keenans congratulating him and asking if he could meet the team who are hard at work supporting this cause.

Christian said, “It was great to come in and meet the team and show my support for all their hard work. Bury Hospice is so important to the local area, and anything people can do to help fund them is so gratefully received. Huge thanks to Paul and his team!”

Shakira Stasiak, senior megotiator at Keenans, explained about the pledge: “As a family, we’ve had direct experience of the incredible service Bury Hospice provides to the community. When we were asked by Paul to nominate a charity we immediately proposed Bury Hospice. We were surprised and pleased to be congratulated by Christian in person today, it was really nice to be recognised for our efforts.”